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Acid Reflux Home Remedy

Home Remedy for Acid Reflux  




Warning – Have you Been Taking Acid Reflux or Antacid Medication for Longer Than 6 Weeks?

If you have been taking acid reflux medication for longer than 6 weeks, it is super important that you read this message.

The FDA released a press release on May 25 2010 in which it warns of a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist and spine with high doses or long term use of a class of medication called proton pump inhibitor. (Click here to read the FDA press release – just in case you think I am telling you a little story!)

Wow – did you get that… a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist and spine!

I won’t really scare you with the statistics of people over the age of 60 that die within a short space of time after suffering a fracturing hip other than to say the statistics are high.

What has that to do with acid reflux medication you ask?

Let me ask you a question – can you name me something that improves your life with less off it when we age? Do we need less hair, less teeth, less sleep, less collagen, less eye sight? Now we probably experience less of all of those things but does it improve our life and I would suggest that they don’t.

It is exactly the same with stomach acid. The ‘professionals’ would have you believe that you need to either neutralize or block the production of stomach acid to stop acid reflux or GERD. They are telling you that you need less stomach acid as you age, which is absolutely absurd. 

Stomach acid has some really important roles, and I mean super important. It is the body’s first line of defence against bad bacteria which enter your body via your food. The stomach acid kills bacteria before they can enter your system. 

But more importantly, stomach acid breaks your food down into what I like to call a slurry. It is the body’s vitamizer and it breaks the food down into small enough particles to enable the villi in your small intestine to absorb vital minerals and vitamins.  

No stomach acid means no slurry – the food passes through your digestive system in big chunks – and the big chunks are far too big for the villi in the small intestine to absorb the minerals and vitamins. Therefore the majority of vitamins and minerals in your food are flushed away.

One of the minerals that the body absorbs is calcium and we know that calcium is vital for strong bones. If you lack stomach acid then you will not break down your food sufficiently to enable your body to absorb calcium (along with the other 90 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids) and you are not getting sufficient calcium to maintain strong bones. We are talking an increased risk of fractures of the wrist, hip and spine. Do you see the danger of taking acid reflux medication long term?

It makes my blood boil to think of all those health ‘professionals’  that have prescribed you acid reflux medications every month for years. They are literally allowing you to flush your health down the sewer and they don’t even blink an eyelid. 

See you don’t normally associate a broken hip with the acid reflux medications you have been taking for years. I mean, who would think the two were linked, but when it is explained to you, it makes perfect sense. 

Do you know an elderly person who has broken a bone, ask them if they took acid reflux medications prior to the accident. 

The reason your bones become brittle is because if you lack calcium the body starts to rob it from its reserves. Your body stores calcium in your bones and in your teeth. Again people do not associate their brittle teeth with taking acid reflux medications.

Now it would be remiss of me to make you aware of all these issues and leave it at that. And of course I wouldn’t do that.

There is a solution?

The solution is to stimulate your body to produce more stomach acid. Now before you start thinking I am stark raving crazy, let me explain. In the vast majority of cases, the reason people experience acid reflux is because there is insufficient acid in your stomach to break down your food. The body is built perfectly and it is designed to only open the valve at the bottom of your stomach (pyloric sphincter) when there is a sufficient level of stomach acid. 

So without stomach acid, the food sits in your stomach and ferments and bubbles out the top of your stomach, and that is when you feel that burning sensation in the middle of your chest. 

If you have sufficient stomach acid the acid does its job and the food is broken down.  The valve opens and the food moves on through the rest of the digestive system before you experience bubble, bubble toil and trouble in your throat.

I recently read that salt helps produce stomach acid and that made sense to me as well. Acid reflux has skyrocketed in recent decades and it may be due in part to people embracing a low salt diet. 
How does salt help to produce stomach acid. Well stomach acid is predominately hydrochloric acid, which is a combination of hydrogen and chloride.  We get hydrogen from water and salt is made up of sodium chloride, hence the combination of water and salt gives the body the components necessary to produce hydrochloric acid.

There are two other foods that eliminate acid reflux very quickly.  The discovery is not mine and so I cannot list the two foods here but if you click on the button below you will be taken to the author’s webpage where you can gain access to the two foods.


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Also if you don’t believe anything I have stated on this page – I recommend you Google for the information. When you start digging around it is amazing what you find in regards to the harmful effects of long term use of acid reflux medication. 


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